Disgraced CNN reporter Chris Cuomo was caught lying about reporting in Ukraine after being his departure from CNN.

Cuomo was terminated from CNN for violating CNN’s journalistic ethics after he used insider information to help his brother, Andrew Cuomo, navigate sexual harassment allegations against him.

Cuomo also brought his brother on CNN and gave him glowing interviews while he was being harshly criticized for his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic while he was Governor of New York.

Since his departure from CNN, Cuomo has attempted to rebrand himself as a “free agent”.

His first crack at ‘independent’ investigative journalism reportedly was a lie as he claimed that he was going to a war zone to report on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

‘What is happening right now in Ukraine is bad and America should be paying a lot more attention.

‘I went to the eastern front… Outmanned and outgunned we had to hide behind abandoned buildings,’ he said.

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Less than 24 hours later, he was spotted in the Hamptons.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

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Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was spotted out in the Hamptons just a day after he appeared to be reporting live from Ukraine while rebranding himself as a ‘free agent’ in an effort to rehabilitate his career.

Cuomo looked relaxed in a casual t-shirt and ball cap as he strolled around Sag Harbor, New York on Tuesday with actor Gregg Bello, a friend who has supported the ousted anchor since his December 4 firing from CNN.

Cuomo, 51, announced on Instagram Monday that he was rebranding himself as a ‘free agent’ and shared videos of his reporting from Ukraine while plugging merchandise – including a ‘Free Agent’ shirt that his friend Bello was seen wearing on Tuesday.

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