Poor little powerless Democrat Senator Chuckie Schumer’s panties appear to be in a bit of a twist. It started out with President Trump’s powerful speech last week, and now the Democrats are faced with the daunting task of how to handle Trump’s tweet accusing Obama of spying on his campaign, that if in fact turns out to be true, could destroy the legacy of the most incompetent community organizer to ever occupy our White House.

The top Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer (NY), claimed Sunday that President Trump is “in trouble,” a stern warning that came a day after the commander-in-tweet claimed President Obama wiretapped him.

Citing President Obama’s denial that he ordered a wiretap of Trump, Schumer said, “Either way … the president’s in trouble. If he falsely spread this kind of misinformation, that is so wrong.”

“It’s beneath the dignity of the presidency. It is something that really hurts people’s view of government,” he said.

Yeah, because making the embarrassing, race-baiter-for-hire Al Sharpton a regular visitor at the White House is somehow not beneath the dignity of the presidency? 

Sen. Obama visits Sylvias Rest. in Harlem wth Rev.Al Sharpton. eating and talking in back room. Original Filename: 7vq3gk1m.JPG Original Filename: 7vq0fkl9.jpg

“It shows this president doesn’t know how to conduct himself,” he added.

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You mean like taking “selfies” during the funeral of one of the greatest civil rights leaders in the world? 


Or traveling to Cuba to hang out at a baseball game with Raul Castro, who along with his brother are some of the most brutal dictators in the world?

obama castro

Were Watergate reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein shamed for making “government look bad” when they uncovered the wire-tapping done by President Nixon? 

bob woodward carl bernstein

Here’s the hilarious part:
Schumer went on the claim that if in fact Trump had been wiretapped, he only would’ve been subjected to the surveillance because he deserved it.

He deserved it? Really Chuck? Because he was running against Hillary Clinton or because he was simply on the wrong team? If he were a Democrat, would have have deserved it? 

“On the other hand, if it’s true, it’s even worse for the president. Because that means that a federal judge, independently elected, has found probable cause that the president, or people on his staff, have probable cause to have broken the law or to have interacted with a foreign agent,” New York’s senior senator claimed. –NYP


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