President Trump held a massive rally tonight, at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN.

The Gateway Pundit reported that 20,000 Trump supporters made it inside the Target Center for the rally. Outside, another estimated 25,ooo Trump supporters watched from large screens around the venue.

The rally took place in the heart of the radical Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district.

Minneapolis is the most liberal city in Minnesota, so it’s no surprise that Trump would have to pause for more than one protester who made it into the venue.

One young protester wearing a “Climate Justice Now” t-shirt confronted Trump during his speech. President Trump stopped his speech and waited for security to remove her. He paused for a moment before telling her to “Go home to mommy.” Mommy says, I saw you on television, and I like Trump, don’t you ever do that again!”

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The crowd roared.


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