The students of the historically black Bethune-Cookman University booed the invited commencement speaker, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. They yelled over her speech, they even turned their backs on her. For 25 minutes the students at Bethune Cookman reminded us just how far Obama has divided our nation.

A sophomore student at Bethune-Cookman, a historically black university, filmed himself running around with his phone as he yelled for the seniors to stand and rebuke Betsy DeVos during her commencement speech. He implored the graduating seniors to disrupt her speech by yelling and standing with their backs to  DeVos, who bravely persevered through her speech in spite of their embarrassing behavior.

The student, who says his name is “Bobbie Luke” and identifies himself as a “StuPid NiGGA” on his Twitter account, was eventually thrown out of the venue by campus security.

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CNN breathlessly followed the student as he was being thrown out, hoping to get an intelligent response from the student about why he was whipping the graduating seniors into a frenzy over Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ commencement speech. What they got however, was a big disappointment.

Here’s the video that was taken by @bobbieluke on his cell phone of the graduating seniors responding to his pleas to disrupt and disrespect their commencement speaker:

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Here’s another video taken from the audience that shows Bobbie Luke walking down the aisle encouraging the students to stand with their backs to DeVos :

Here’s the video taken by CNN reporter Nick Valencia that exposes Bobbie Luke’s embarrassing attempt to explain why he chose to lead the disrespectful rebuke of Betsy DeVos at the senior’s graduation ceremony. When asked by the CNN reporter what he was standing up for, Luke replied: “I don’t like what she said and nothing at the end of the day is going to change my opinion. Basically, if you not, if you not, basically if you let money devalue your morals, I’m not trying to hear. That’s all I got to say.” As Bobbie Luke is walking away, he can be heard saying,“I like your suit.” (Bobbie Luke essentially ends the interview  by saying he likes the CNN reporter’s nice [expensive?] suit that was purchased with money, that according to Luke,”devalues morals”…LOL!)

Liberal hack Matt Lauer, host of the Today Show did a story on the disrespectful behavior of the graduates. As usual, Lauer couldn’t help himself from attempting to make it look like DeVos was the villain in the story. Listen to the emphasis Lauer places on words and phrases like “controversial” educational secretary. He goes on to say DeVos was “booed”, and she “upset” students, and “some” of the graduates students turned the backs on her, and “she” upset the students. Every word this liberal hack, who’s posing as a benign host on the Today Show utters is planned in advance of his segments. Hosts like Lauer and Katie Couric are some of the most dangerous people in media today, as they have influenced millions of people who watch them without realizing they’ve been pushing a radical agenda for decades, while they smile and pretend to be reporting unbiased news.

Bobbie Luke got a lot of support from the students on the campus of Bethune-Cookman on Twitter. He also got support from this “goofy white dude” who was “so happy to see the backlash BCU gave the rich white devil.” Wow… a white guy railing against a wealthy white woman…how self-satisfying, how empowering! 

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