Poor Jake Tapper. The jig is up for the #ResistanceMedia, and the fake Russian collusion story is about to be the least of the Democrat Party’s problems…

CNN’s Jake Tapper attempted to discredit the House Intelligence Committee’s decision to release the FISA memo that the American public has been begging to see.

During his interview with Florida Representative Matt Gaetz (R) a member of the House Intelligence Committee, CNN’s Jake Tapper made several attempts to discredit his guest, who has been very vocal about the release of the FISA memo to the public. Tapper’s first attempt was when he questioned Gaetz about the objection to its release by the assistant attorney general, Stephen Boyd (who Tapper quickly reminded his viewers was a “Trump appointee”). Gaetz wasted no time in pointing out to Tapper (who already knew this information) that Boyd had not even seen the memo, so therefore, he was not qualified to determine it if should or should not be released to the public. Gaetz also went on to explain that the FBI and DOJ were the last organizations that the American people would want reviewing the memo before it was released.

Gaetz also told Tapper that based on what he’s read, there should be no reason to have any redactions to made to the memo. Tapper’s brow hilariously became alarmingly furrowed.

The Last Refuge remarked that you can generally tell when the house of cards begins collapsing by how deep CNN’s Jake Tapper is forced to reaches into his bag of disingenuous tricks.

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The best line of the entire video was by Rep. Gaetz:

And you know what Jake? When you read the memo, it’s going to be pretty clear why the Democrats and particularly the Democratic Party didn’t want it to come into the public light.

Watch, as Jake Tapper desperately grabs at straws in an attempt to get out ahead of the storm, and convince the public that the release of the memo is unfair to the Democrat Party. Rep. Gaetz brilliantly responds to every one of his concerns.

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