Laura Loomer decided to make a trip to Brookfield, CT to see how customers at Costco were receiving Crooked Hillary at her book signing tour. Loomer is the same awesome activist who bravely stormed the stage in Central Park and disrupted the Trump assassination play (click HERE for the video), this summer. Last week, Loomer was forcibly removed from Hillary’s book signing in New York. When it was her turn to have her book signed, Loomer asked Hillary questions like, “Where are your 33,000 emails?” and “What happened to Seth Rich?” (Click HERE for Hillary ambush video). Hillary’s reaction was priceless.

Here is Laura’s video showing the reaction by customers to Hillary appearing at their local Costco for a book signing:

Loomer was eventually blocked by secret service from getting too close to Hillary. Hillary clearly didn’t want any more nasty videos out there exposing the truth about the questions Americans really want to hear her answer:

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Costco did allow Loomer inside the store, in spite of Hillary’s request to keep her away:

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Loomer was told by Costco employees that they don’t understand why Costco would allow her to come and that customers were canceling their memberships:

Hillary was strategically placed in the “milk aisle” and “behind the toilet paper” at Costco:

Here’s a great video of some anti-Hillary protesters that were found in the parking lot of Costco, shouting “Hillary for Prison”:

This Twitter user shares a great photo and comment:

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