John Paul Mac Isaac, the laptop repairman who found the illegal and scandalous contents on Hunter Biden’s laptop, has repeatedly expressed fears that he would face government persecution for handing the laptop over to the FBI and the media.

Hunter Biden has not yet faced criminal prosecution despite the contents of his laptop containing evidence of numerous illegal activities, including illegally using his father’s influence for profit by lobbying foreign countries.

Instead, authorities have investigated Isaac for handing over the laptop.

On Thursday, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired after lying about leaking information to the press, said that Isaac likely committed multiple crimes by accessing Hunter Biden’s laptop and giving the contents of it to the media and government.

McCabe also made unfounded claims that Isaac ‘profited’ from leaking the contents of the laptop, though there has been no evidence that he was paid by any media outlet or individual.

The Daily Caller Reports

The president’s troubled son Hunter Biden may have had access to the locked garage in Delaware where White House attorneys discovered classified documents.

Former Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Andrew McCabe suggested Thursday a computer repairman could face charges over Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Attorneys for Biden admitted Thursday that the data from the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden, as reported by the New York Post in October 2020, when they asked federal and state authorities to investigate repairman John Paul Mac Isaac and Rudy Giuliani.

“It’s a crime to access electronic information without authorization or exceed the authorization you do have. That’s the part that might apply to the computer repairman,” McCabe told “CNN Newsroom” co-hosts Victor Blackwell and Alisyn Camerota. “It can be a federal crime to steal electronic information and profit from it, use that information. It’s like using stolen property. There are a number of different potential crimes here.”

Documents from the laptop were previously authenticated by the Daily Caller in October 2020, while the Washington Post and New York Times confirmed the authenticity of the data in March 2022.

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