Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her intention to run for President of the United States on New Year’s Day in a bizarre live stream video on Instagram. The video included several awkward moments, not the least of which was Warren drinking a beer by herself in front of her computer screen after her husband refused to join her. In what can only be described as a cringe-worthy 30 seconds, Warren was seen faking the twisting off of the lid from a bottle of beer and then “casually” taking a swig.

The fake Indian appeared so unnatural in her Instagram live stream video, that several weeks after her announcement video was posted on Instagram, it was still making the rounds on social media and on a variety of news outlets, including Fox News.

Watch, as Jesse Watters and his co-hosts on “The Five” mock her for saying things like, “I’m gonna get me a beer” and the disastrous press conference that revealed her lie about her Native American history.

Now, the Twitter account “Add Homonym” has posted a hilarious follow-up to Warren’s embarrassing “relatable” live stream video. This time, however, Add Homonym has pulled out all of the stops, making sure that “Elizabeth” Warren isn’t just relatable to the younger generation who likes drink beer.  In this parody video, “Elizabeth Warren” can be seen drinking a shot, beer, smoking a bong and a pipe. Part of what makes it so funny is that it’s not that hard to imagine Warren making a video very much like the one below that mocks her for her fake attempt at being cool and relatable to millennials. The woman impersonating Elizabeth Warren does a brilliant job of capturing the nerdy politician.

There is NO sound accompanying the video.

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Watch the hilarious video here.

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