CNN political analyst just spent her Thanksgiving Day so consumed with hate for President Trump’s White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, that she removed any doubt her Twitter followers may have had about the possibility of having an objective bone in her body.

CNN political analyst and American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan suggested, without any evidence, Friday that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders actually didn’t actually cook the pecan pie Sanders said she did.

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Here is Sanders tweet that got under April Ryan’s skin:

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Ryan responded by actually demanding that Sanders do more than post a picture of the pie with a white background, and that she show Twitter users the pie on her table!

Ryan then took it a step further and doubled down, letting her Twitter users know that the legitimacy of Sanders’ claim that she baked the pecan pie was no laughing matter.

Ryan is frequently praised by liberals for being a nuisance in the White House press briefing room, but she failed to present any evidence Friday, except for the claims of random Twitter users, that Sanders faked the pie. Ryan did not respond to this reporter when asked for proof.

A reverse image search did not find any other pictures of the pecan pie that Sanders posted.

The White House press secretary responded to Ryan’s criticism and said that she will make the journalist a pie of her own.-Daily Caller

While hundreds of liberal Twitter users jumped on Ryan’s thread, as a way to drum up hate for the brilliant and witty conservative Press Secretary, Sanders definitely got her fair share of support. Conservative actor James Woods didn’t make any secret about how he is “thankful” on Thanksgiving Day for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the “best thing to happen to modern American journalism.”

Twitter user, Vanessa Vega nailed it with her tweet in response to Sanders’ reply to Ryan’s ridiculous claim:


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