Hillary was in the middle of a book signing for her new book “What Happened” when a brave young woman approached her with Hillary’s new book in hand. As Hillary began signing her book, the young lady told Hillary it was great to see her. Hillary in turn, hilariously replied, “Well, it’s great for you to be here.” When the young woman waiting for her book to be signed started to ask Hillary a few questions the mainstream media couldn’t be bothered to ask during the election, things started to get interesting.

Young woman: “So the American people would really like to know, what happened to your 33,000 emails?” <Hillary cackles> “What happened in Benghazi? What happened to the millions of dollars that was supposed to go to the people Haiti? What happened to your health Hillary?

Hillary: <Cackles>”Ya know what? I’m so sorry you believe things  that are untrue.”

The young woman persisted: “What happened to Seth Rich? What happened to your health Hillary?”

The young lady was then forcibly removed from the book signing table. On the way out she notices Hillary’s loyal aide Huma Abedin and confronts her about her pedophile husband: “Huma, it’s so great to see you. I have a question for you. When are you going to divorce your husband for texting underage girls?” The young lady was then told to leave, but not before she insisted she gets her signed book about “What Happened”, even though the truth about what really happened with Crooked Hillary will likely never be exposed.

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