Since most of the actors and producers in Hollywood will either be in treatment, or out of a job, for sexually harassing, or abusing women, men and children in the industry, the Academy Awards show will be taking on a new theme this year.

Now that the culture of rot in Hollywood has been exposed, there will be a new awards ceremony to replace the once prestigious Academy Awards show.  The new show will be called the “Biggest Groper Awards”, and it will honor the creeps in Hollywood, who for decades sexually abused anyone in their paths while fawning over the politics of the most well-known sexual predator to ever roam the halls of the White House. The award will also pay homage to all of the celebrities who recently supported Hillary’s campaign for President, the woman who gave Bill Clinton the green light to sexually assault multiple women, while she threatened to harm any of the women who dared to come forward.*

Here is the list (so far) of accused sexual predators who’ve been preying on actors and actresses in Hollywood for decades:

Harvey Weinstein-Hollywood kingpin Producer

Louis CK- Comedian/Filmmaker
Ben Affleck-Actor
George W. Bush Sr-Former President
Kevin Spacey – Actor
James Toback – Hollywood Screenwriter
Chris Savino – Creator of Nickelodeon’s “The Loud House”
Roy Price – Head of Amazon Studios
John Besh – Celebrity Chef
Mark Halperin – ABC News Journalist
Micheal Oreskes – Top Editor at NPR (National Public Radio)
Lockhart Steele – Editorial Director at Vox Media
Adam Venit – Head Agent of motion picture group WME
Steven Seagal – Actor
Charlie Sheen – Actor
Jeremy Piven – “Entourage” Actor
Ed Westwick – “Gossip Girl” Actor
Dustin Hoffman – Oscar-winning Actor
Matthew Weiner – Creator of AMC’s “Mad Men”
Andy Dick – Former “NewsRadio” star/Actor
Brett Ratnor – “Rush Hour” Producer/Director
David Blaine – Magician
David Guillod – “Atomic Blonde” Producer
Robert Knepper – “Transporter 3” Actor
John Singleton – Oscar-nominated Director

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Unhonorable-mention to Harvey Weinstein’s brother, Bob Weinstein, who is under investigation for sexually harassing Spike TV “The Mist” showrunner Amanda Segel. –The Source

*We hate to have to do this, but this article is satire. There will not be a “Groper Award” given to the most disgusting sexual predator in Hollywood, created in the likeness of the accused rapist, and serial sexual predator, former President Bill Clinton.

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