Last week, Bryan Maygers had this to say about the 16-year-old Covington Catholic kid, Nick Sandmann, who was standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, minding his own business, when Nate Phillips, the man who lied about being a Vietnam veteran, approached him and began banging a drum in his face.

The MAGA teens are bad, but you know who’s worse? The adults who took them to a misogynist political event wearing racist political paraphernalia

The so-called writer for the Huffington Post, suggests what happened on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial between 16-year-old Nick Sandmann and the fake Vietnam veteran, Nate Phillips, was because of “white supremacy,” reminding his followers that those Covington kids were also “F**kig wearing campaign paraphernalia”…GASP! Who knew, that it was a crime to support the President of the United States?

The now-fired Maygers tweeted:

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The story is a Rorschach test for the 2016 election because the candidate who won ran explicitly on white supremacy and this was supremacy in action! Also they were fucking wearing campaign paraphernalia

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This week, the anti-Trump opinion writer for the Huffington Post is whining about losing his job at the liberal rag.

Hi all. So some sad news. As of this morning, HuffPost’s opinion section is no more. I and the rest of the team have been let go.

It would appear that Maygers isn’t getting much sympathy from anyone on Twitter.

Here are just a few responses to Maygers tweet about being “let go,” starting with this one reminding him that he didn’t retract his hateful and innacurate tweet about the teenage Covington Catholic boys, so he kinda had it coming.

This person suggested that Maygers is going to be part of Nick Sandmann parent’s lawsuit that plans to sue every journalist and celebrity who lied about their son and put a target on his back.

Bryan may be willing to settle faster now that he’s unemployed. He didn’t want to apologize and doubled down after the truth came out. Hope you’ve got that lawsuit ready.

Another user asked: Who will lie about innocent school children? How will journalism survive? Maybe you could take this time to reinvent yourself. You could be an honorable seeker of truth- if you can shed your prejudices. Think about it.

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