The iconic feminist photographer, Annie Leibovitz chose the 13th day of Women’s History Month to help launch the presidential campaign of the failed Texas candidate for Senate, Beto (Robert) O’Rourke on the pages of Vanity Fair.

We congratulated her for using Women’s Month to push yet another white, liberal, male for president. Only a liberal feminist could get away with pulling off such a stunt smack dab in the middle of Women’s History Month.

Inside the cover of Vanity Fair, a magazine geared towards women, Leibovitz features some fluff photos of O’Rourke relaxing, sitting on his couch with his black lab between his legs and his bare feet up on the coffee table (very presidential), and jamming out in the basement with his kids.

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It didn’t matter how Leibovitz wrapped him up, most Americans still think of Beto O’Rourke as America’s biggest loser (next to Hillary, of course). A side by side comparison of the Democrat Party’s young Democrat hopeful reminds us of how slick packaging doesn’t make a qualified presidential candidate.

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Here’s Beto O’Rourke sharing his Nancy Pelosi type speaking skills with a crowd of pro-illegal immigrant supporters who rallied around him, as President Trump held a massive rally just down the road in El Paso, TX a couple of months ago.

Annie Leibovitz was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter. She even dedicated the ending of her Portraits 2005-2016 book, until Hillary lost her election, leaving her scrambling for an ending to her book.

Fortune – A photo of Hillary Clinton hangs in the middle of the exhibit’s central wall of portraits in Annie Leibovitz’s, “Women: New Portraits,” traveling art show.

“Secretary Clinton was not on this wall until this show,” Leibovitz said during a Tuesday preview of the exhibition co-hosted by famed feminist activist Gloria Steinem, who collaborated with Leibovitz on the project. “It’s the first time I folded her into the sea—into the ocean of women who mean something to us today.”

Leibovitz, who also included some of the photos she shot during the campaign in the show, noted that in the portrait of Clinton, there’s a tile visible on her desk. “I asked my retoucher, ‘Would you please sharpen that tile?’” It says never, never, never give up.”

On January 3, 2018, almost one year after President Trump’s inauguration, Annie Leibovitz revealed she was so sure Hillary Clinton was going to be our next president, that she had to scramble to come up with an ending to her Portraits 2005-2016 book, that was supposed to feature Hillary as our 45th president in the final pages.

“Three months before the election, I turned to people in my studio and I said ‘I have to put this work together and I have a great idea for the ending photo. The ending of the book is going to be Hillary Clinton in the White House. In the Oval Office.’ I had it all figured out. So we called Phaidon and we said, ‘Do you want to do this book?’ and they were insane and they said, ‘Sure, okay.’ I was planning it out, I was thinking ‘what desk would Hillary Clinton choose? Would it be Eleanor Roosevelt’s?’ I had these ideas. Then three months later. . . I guess we have to say the rest is history. We know what happened. I called Phaidon when Hillary Clinton lost and I said ‘I can’t do the book, I don’t have an ending’ and they sort of talked me off the edge. Then I tried to figure out the ending. The book does, in the last 20 pages or so, fall apart. I still don’t have a real ending. I just started to throw everything in. Anything I was photographing, I started to throw into the book. Bruce Springsteen? Throw him in! Oprah Winfrey? That looks good, throw her in! It didn’t make any sense.” –Haute Living

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