Fox News’ “Outnumbered” host Jesse Watters regularly reads “mean texts” out loud from his self-described liberal democrat mom, Dr. Anne Watters, during his top-rated cable news daytime show.

Many of his fans consider his “Mom Texts” segment to be the funniest things the sarcastic conservative does on his show.

On Wednesday, Watters read some of her latest text to him, and they’re seriously hilarious! The texts also reveal a certain arrogance that seems to be part of a liberal’s makeup, as well as a lack of understanding about how things work.

Her first text was about Paul Manafort, as she offered her “expert” opinion on his character, telling her son, “Manafort is a criminal.”

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Watters mom then tells Jesse not to accept a job he was, (and likely never will be) offered. Dr. Watters tells her son: “DO NOT accept an offer to be Chief of Staff….”

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Fox News– Dr. Watters later sent a message calling the Mueller investigation a “three-pronged attack,” adding that her son is “coming across as utterly unethical and valueless.”

“You don’t have the expertise nor the knowledge to question the special counsel’s investigation until you know what they know,” Dr. Watters wrote.

She ends her message with, “Hush Jesse.”

Jesse’s mom also reminded him that America is “a nation of laws” and asked that he “tone down his strident attack on our court system.”

Dr. Watters tells her son: “Please bring just a TAD more measured caution to your heretofore overly excited support of this President; you are presenting as really out there Jesse…

We all know you are a [Trump supporter]. You need not scream it.”

In part 2 of her message from above, Jesse’s mom tells him “And above all, please stay in your wheelhouse- you can have an opinion but let’s acknowledge that you have no legal expertise.”

Here is Jesse Watters announcing the debut of his new segment, “Mom Texts,” as he shares his first in a series of texts from his mom on-air.

In this episode, Jesse Watters’ mom attacks him for criticizing the disgraced former FBI director James Comey and calls the outfit he wore on-air a getup that resembles that of a “Ferris wheel operator”. Gregg Gutfield pointed out that her mother could probably find a career writing for MSNBC.

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