You can’t make this up!

Today, Angel moms, whose American citizen children lost their lives at the hands of illegal aliens, joined President Trump in the front row of his press conference where he explained why he’s declaring a national emergency as a way to secure our porous southern border.

This image shows two of the moms who attended President Trump’s press conference, holding up pictures of their children who were killed by illegal aliens.

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During his press conference, things got heated between CNN’s Jim Acosta and President Trump over the issue of illegal aliens and the crimes they commit.

Acosta attacked President Trump and tried to embarrass him by suggesting that he’s “creating” or “concocting a national emergency” to get his wall, accusing him of not being able to get the wall any other way. President Trump brilliantly deferred to the Angel Moms, who were seated in the front row of his press conference, holding up pictures of their children, who were all American citizens killed by illegal aliens. Trump told Acosta, “Ask the Angel moms, Trump said, pointing to the mothers sitting in the front row, “What do you think? Do you think I’m creating something? Ask these incredible women who lost their daughters and their sons. Okay?”

The Angel Moms can be heard agreeing with President Trump.

After the press conference, CNN’s Jim Acosta was surrounded and confronted by Angel Moms for attempting to prove that the criminal illegal aliens aren’t a serious problem in America.

Watch here, as the moms let Acosta have it, as he merely nods his head up and down and smiles. (Gateway Pundit video)

A close-up video shows Angel Mom, Sabina Durden, whose son Dominic, was killed by an illegal alien telling Acosta that he has a “flippant attitude” about the deaths of their children. Durden asks Acosta when CNN is going to have them on their network? Acosta quickly responds, “I’ll do a live shot right now, and you can stand behind me.” Durden also points out that she’s been a part of this group for seven years, and CNN has never asked them to come on their network. Acosta changed the subject, as he embarrassingly attempts to gain sympathy from the grieving mothers about how President Trump keeps calling him “fake news.” Durden tells Acosta, “I can see his point though at times.” Acosta then tells the woman, “But, I’ll point to you guys. If you guys stand behind me.” Acosta turns his back to get ready for his live broadcast where he’s agreed to let the Angel Moms get the opportunity for a photo op behind him.

For his part, Acosta allowed the women to stand behind him and even gave one of the moms the opportunity to speak briefly.  Acosta told the CNN host, that he was standing in front of “some of these Angel Moms, who came to the Rose Garden today, to uh, I guess, testify to what they’ve been through in terms of their ordeals, dealing with crime in this country, and the undocumented immigrants who were responsible for taking away their loved ones.” Acosta attempted to relay his brief conversation with the Angel Moms, saying, “I was just telling them, that in terms of all of us here at CNN, our hearts go out to all of them. There is no attempt whatsoever to diminish them or take away what they’ve gone through.” Acosta immediately switched gears, as he attempted to plead his case against President Trump, saying he feels for the Angel Moms, but Trump is still misleading Americans about “the facts” about illegal immigrants and the crimes they commit. Acosta turned to Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney, who explained that she’s a legal immigrant who lost her child to an illegal immigrant. Unfortunately, for Acosta, he chose the wrong Angel Mom. After Agnes Gibboney told Acosta about how her son Ron DeSilva was murdered by a previously deported illegal alien, she explained about how Trump is correct about needing to secure our borders, saying, “President Trump is completely correct on this issue, we need to protect this country.” Acosta immediately turned to the cameras, where he continued to boldly plead his case against Trump on the issue of criminal illegal aliens.

Jim Acosta ended his interview with CNN host Kate Bolduan, by pointing out that this is a very “charged issue” and that Trump will be tied up in court. Bolduan wrapped up the interview by suggesting Trump can’t win because it’s a “constitutional issue.” Acosta quickly agreed with the CNN host.


Funny…no one remembers CNN crying about “constitutional issues” when Barack Obama was shoving Obamacare down the throats of every American citizen.

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