Yesterday, during an interview, Real America’s George Ramos confronted Obama’s former vice president, Joe Biden, about a lie he told during the Democratic Party presidential debate in Houston, TX, about how they didn’t keep illegal alien children in cages. “Now, the debate in Houston, um, you said during the Obama-Biden administration, and I quote, ‘We didn’t lock people in cages,’ but you actually did.” Ramos continued, “But you actually did,” adding, “We found a picture of an 8-year-old boy from Honduras.” Biden answered, “Yes…w…w…w…in, 2018.” Ramos continued, as he looked at the photo, “This was taken in 2014, in a detention center in MacCallum, Texas.”

Biden attempted to explain how Barack Obama’s administration was simply trying to keep the children safe until they could quickly dump them off in cities across America.

Ramos continued, holding Biden’s feet to the fire on the issue, “Many people would say they were cages.”

A clearly frustrated Joe Biden accused Ramos of lying, “Uh, look, you know you’re not telling the truth about the comparison of the two administrations.” Ramos agreed with Biden that the number of people in cages is higher under the Trump administration but wouldn’t agree to let Biden lie about the Obama regime, never putting kids in cages.


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Stick a fork in ole’ Joe…

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