It’s about time an adult steps up and takes control of these lawless, out-of-control students. We all know 99% of them were just looking to break out of school early anyhow

Students at Dr. Henry A Wise, Jr. High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland attempted a walkout protest on Friday.

They were upset with the election of Donald Trump.. and it was Friday… and they wanted to skip school.
According to Jack Posobiec, the school enforced the truancy law.
Sorry kids…
Back to class!

Gateway Pundit
Meanwhile, these students who were able to walk away from Northwestern HS in MD to protest President-elect were seen screaming, “Not my President” while carrying various flags from other countries…How very American!

Here are some more truant high school students protesting Trump until the cops roll up and kids take off running…LOL!


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