The Democrats are in full panic-mode over Crooked Hillary as she continues to plummet in the polls. Liberal CA Congresswoman, Maxine Waters is hilarious in this interview with and MSNBC host Tamron Hall, as she attempts to blame Hillary’s media cheerleaders because Americans don’t trust Hillary! LOL

There’s a reason why people from all over the world will be tuning in tonight to watch what is certain to be an epic presidential debate. The match up between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is so popular because it reminds us of an age-old formula that has been selling movies and books for years, the underdog vs. the evil villain. There’s something very satisfying about watching the underdog take down an evil villainess who’s managed to escape the law for decades.

There’s something equally as satisfying watching lying liberals attempt to circle the wagons around the most corrupt candidate to ever run for office and blame of all people…wait for it…the media!

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