You just can’t make this stuff up…

The leftist rag, Daily Kos actually wrote a story about how President Trump will disproportionately harm blacks after Hurricane Harvey attacks them in Texas.

Here is the actual tweet pushing their insane story about a racist Hurricane Harvey:

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Here’s an excerpt from the article:

As Texas braces itself for Hurricane Harvey, the Trump administration remains woefully ignorant and unprepared. The current FEMA director is working to rewrite the Federal Flood Insurance Program so that the federal government bears less of the cost when disasters strike and flooding occurs. On the surface, that might sound like a fiscally responsible move. But it’s loaded with inconsistencies and will most certainly not work out well for local cities, states or residents. Additionally, since Trump seems to be firing people weekly but taking his sweet time in hiring them, no one has been appointed to lead both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS oversees FEMA and the Coast Guard so it’s almost guaranteed that the response to this storm will be chaos. This is shaping up to be another Hurricane Katrina—complete with a devastating impact on black and brown communities.

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Southeast Texas and the coastal bend regions of the state are expected to be the hardest hit. While Hispanics make up about 40 percent of the state’s population, Texas has one of the largest black populations in the country. And they live concentrated in the areas that are predicted to be hardest hit. For example, several counties have already been declared a state of disaster by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott

Noteworthy also is the high percentage of people in poverty [in Texas] who are African American women, especially single parents. Of the 24% of African Americans below poverty level, single mothers make up 65%.

Daily Kos

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