The local St. Louis publication KMOV, reported about LimeBike’s bike new sharing program in St. Louis. Either the author of the article wasn’t privy to the photos below, that are making their way around social media, or the writer simply chose to intentionally downplay the abject disrespect St. Louis residents have for other people’s property. What could have been a wonderful opportunity for residents to have access to high-quality bikes, has turned into a nightmare for the California based company.

Here’s a video of how the LimeBike share program is supposed to work:

The photos below show how it actually works in St. Louis.

Ray Preston of KMOV writes: St. Louis’ bike sharing program is in its early days but some are noticing problems with how people are treating the bikes are starting to pop up.

Eventually, two companies are expected to have 5,000 bikes spread across the city. The GPS enabled bikes are all around downtown available for rent.

LimeBike, which is currently operating, says it is off to a great start in St. Louis. However, some people aren’t parking the bikes as they should.

‘Ya think?

Some bikes are lying halfway in the gutter, one was found hanging from a fence and sometimes they’re found sprawled on the ground.

This bike has a bent back wheel and appears to be deserted in an alley.

One person said it takes what should be a picturesque scene and makes it look kind of trashy.

Here’s where one St. Louis resident chose to park his/her free bike.

Greg Mulka, who rides a bike almost every day, says people should view the bikes as community property.

“They’re not taking responsibility for what they’ve borrowed, not taking responsibility for the community. Very rude, I guess is the polite way to say it,” said Mulka.

LimeBike says it plans on adding hundreds of more bikes over the next several months.

Here’s the best part of the KMOV article, links that teach proper bike etiquette to thugs:

For more on proper bike etiquette, click herehere and here.

While not every bike has been hijacked and mistreated by St. Louis thugs, it’s a shame that decent members of the community may not be able to take advantage of what could be a useful program, thanks to some residents who have no respect for other people’s property.

H/t to CJ Harral for posting about photos of the bikes on Facebook.

Listen to a local radio station host interview a Lime Bike executive tell him “you can’t steal the bikes”. LOL!

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