Martha’s Vineyard, the wealthy liberal safe haven, has been plunged into chaos after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two planes of Venezuelan migrants to the island. In the typical pattern developing right now, another “sanctuary destination” that criticized the border states for wanting to stop illegal immigration is angry because they now have to deal with the real-world consequences of an open border.

Town Administrator Jennifer Rand reported getting “furious texts” from residents after they learned about the arrival of the migrants at a meeting on Wednesday night with the West Tisbury Select Board.

Rand also reported that approximately 50 migrants would be provided short-term housing at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society’s “Ag Hall.” However, since there are no beds or showers, it would not be a feasible long-term solution.

An emergency update was sent to the island’s community members, talking about the “humanitarian crisis” that is being caused by a mere 50 migrants.

Beth Folcarelli, the CEO of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, complained about their unpreparedness to handle the situation, saying, “We don’t have refugee services, I had no idea about any of this.”

Harbor Homes shelter manager Lisa Belcastro seemed proud of her community’s support for these migrants but made it clear they would not be staying on the island. “The challenge is at some point we have to move these people… we can’t house anyone here.”

It seems questionable then, why the community would label itself a “sanctuary” for migrants when, in reality, it has no capacity to welcome them long-term, and doesn’t actually want to have to deal with the implications of the open borders that they fight so hard for.

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