As Biden made his re-election announcement this week, Republicans were quick to respond with claims that he did not have the mental capacity to serve for another four years as President.

“NIGHTMARE: What if Joe Biden, the weakest president we’ve ever had, is re-elected?” The Republican National Committee (RNC) said on Twitter before posting a savage video calling in to question Biden’s mental fitness.

The attacks come as a plurality of voters agree that Biden is not mentally fit to be President, according to a recent Politico/Morning Consult poll.

Meanwhile, Democrats and their allies in the media have been in full damage control mode attempting to defend Biden from questions regarding his mental fitness.

The New York Times, rather than attempting to defend Biden’s mental fitness, simply wondered aloud if the United States could function properly without a mentally capable President.

“Strange as it may sound, the American government can function without a healthy president.” The article began.

Breitbart Reports

Midtown Manhattan, NYC

A New York Times columnist downplayed Democrats’ concerns over President Joe Biden’s declining health Wednesday as he announced his reelection bid this week, arguing the country does not need a fully-functioning president.

The Times’s David Leonhardt wrote in a newsletter on Wednesday, “Strange as it may sound, the American government can function without a healthy president.”

Leonhardt compared Biden, 80, to former President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II, who had numerous health issues but was still about 20 years younger than Biden at the time. He also compared Biden to former President Ronald Reagan, who later announced he had Alzheimer’s Disease.

“In each case, White House aides, Cabinet secretaries and military leaders performed well despite the lack of a fully engaged leader,” Leonhardt argued.

Leonhardt’s argument goes against the far-left’s arguments that former President Donald Trump was mentally unstable and should have been removed from office.

Not the Bee mocked the piece, saying, “The New York Times, the ‘truth to power’ people, the nation’s Paper of Record, is really suggesting that it doesn’t matter whether or not we elect a literal corpse for the Democrats.”

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