Watching sports on TV or going to a football stadium to watch a game, used to be a great way to unwind and forget about your troubles at home or at work. Watching sports used to be a stress reliever for many. That was before the NFL and the NBA was hijacked by the politically correct police, and social justice warriors, and morphed into something most fans don’t’ even recognize anymore.

One of the worst cases of political correctness was when liberals insisted that the Washington Redskins change their name so as not to offend Native Americans. The left got very little support from Redskins fans and surprisingly, many in the Native American community were unwilling to join the fight to demand a name change for the team. Eventually, the left was forced to walk away from that fight, and accept that the owners of the Redskins were focused on playing football, and were not interested in their foolish game of political correctness.

Today, the NFL is facing a huge backlash from fans, as players are being asked to choose activism over their allegiance to their fans who couldn’t care less about their political views, they’re coming to escape the stresses of everyday life and to watch these professional athletes play football. They don’t come to see professional athletes kneeling on the sidelines during our national anthem in support of the Black Lives Matter anti-cop group, who inspired the killings of several innocent cops, shut down major roads, threatened innocent people who got in their way, and looted and burned cities to the ground. Fans come to relax and to forget about their troubles. They come to get away from the divisive politics and challenges of everyday life. They certainly don’t travel to stadiums to attend games or watch them on TV so they can be admonished or scolded for not holding the same politically correct views as the snowflakes on the field.

This hilarious cartoon by BenGarrison is a perfect example of who fans are paying to see on the field today:

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It won’t be long before fans stop supporting these snowflakes, and politically correct crybabies, and maybe then, they’ll remember why we came…



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