Freedom Convoy protests, which started over a week ago, are still going on throughout Canada as truckers risk their freedom and safety to oppose tyrannical vaccine mandates and covid restrictions.  Today, police are getting ready to remove and potentially arrest Freedom Convoy protesters in Windsor after the government won an injunction in court last night allowing the police to shut down the demonstration.  The protesters are not deterred and have won multiple hard fought victories already, with Ottawa removing its restrictions on private gatherings starting next month and Alberta and Saskatchewan removing their vaccine mandates.  While many have commended them for their efforts, a group of leftist counter protesters staged a counter protester in Ottawa today pushing back against the Freedom Convoy.


The protesters signs are full of hateful invective against the protesters and Canadians who oppose the authoritarian mandates.  One sign calls the protesters racists, while another compares the protesters to Nazis, with the sign saying “My dad fought these assholes 80 years ago”.

Other signs read “Anti-Vax is Eugenics”, and “Get the fuck out”.  The protesters, who are supporting government tyranny in the form of vaccine mandates and heavy handed covid restrictions, were at one point shouting “freedom”, apparently unaware of the irony.

Similar counter protests sprouted up in the Canadian province of Manitoba earlier today, where protesters held signs saying “I want my bedtime back” in response to truckers who are parked outside of the legislature honking.


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