Pro-abortion protesters have been very busy lately.

On Mothers Day, far-left activists from the group ‘Ruth Sent Us’ protested outside Catholic churches.  The group threatened to burn the Eucharist because of the Catholic church’s past ‘abuse.’

This week, conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was forced to leave his home with his family after protesters started protesting outside of his house as well as Chief Justice John Robert’s house.

Yesterday, pro-abortion protesters demonstrated outside Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence.  The activists claimed that Democrats have failed to protect abortion rights.  Democrats are currently attempting to pass a law that would make abortion legal at the federal level, superseding state laws that would restrict it.  The bill would prevent states from banning abortion until 24 weeks in to pregnancy.

FOX News Reports

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“A small group of pro-choice protesters picketed in front of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence, condemning Pelosi and her party as “complicit” in the potential reversal of Roe v. Wade (1973), after a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion suggested the Court is on the verge of striking down the abortion precedent.

“We are here because the Democratic Party and the Democrats as a whole have been complicit in this whole thing,” a female protester shouted in a bullhorn.

She and others lined up behind a banner reading “abortion on demand and without apology!” They also carried signs with the faces of the five Republican-appointed Court justices who reportedly supported the draft opinion, with the word “LIAR” over their heads.

She explicitly declared her intention to pressure the Court not to go through with the opinion.

“We are here because this draft decision is what it is, it’s only a draft, and we will protest here, in front of the leadership of the Democratic Party, and in the streets from coast to coast, unceasingly, because we work to keep abortion legal – legal and accessible, not rare,” she said.”

This week, Pelosi called on women to pressure the Supreme Court in to upholding abortion rights, saying they should ‘weigh in’ on the issue.


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