The owners of teams where NFL players continue to kneel during the national anthem are about to get a very real wake up call as ticket sales and TV viewership continues to tank.

Images from NFL stadiums across America have been posted on Twitter, as evidence of how well the player’s anti-cop movement is working out for the owners’ bottom line.

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More fans attend a local high school football game than the #4 ranked Cleveland Browns vs. the #1 ranked Tennessee Titans game, that was played in the Cleveland stadium:

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The number of empty seats at the Miami vs. the New York Jets game was almost as bad as the half empty Cleveland stadium.

An article in the Chicago Tribune justified how the underperforming Chicago Bears are consistently able to get away with the mind-boggling rising ticket prices. The Chicago Bears play in the second largest market in the NFL and in the league’s smallest stadium. The law of supply and demand dictates that when a relatively small number of seats is available for the most popular sport and team in town, then ticket prices will increase. Thanks to the NFL players decision to kneel during our national anthem, the Bears may not be able to afford to raise the ticket prices, since fans have decided to something more productive with their time than watching a bunch of snowflake football players disrespecting our flag, as a way to support an anti-cop movement that was started by Black Lives Matter.

Here’s a look at the usually sold out Chicago Bears stadium today:

The Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indiana Colts (the team that Vice President Pence famously walked away from, after the players disrespected our flag during the anthem) game was far from capacity:

There was a sea of blue (empty blue seats) at the New York Jets Vs. Miami Dolphins game in Miami:

This guy, who goes by the Twitter name “Fistful of Doom” said it best when he said, “You know who isn’t winning? The NFL.



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