Last week, President Trump totally humiliated ABC News on Twitter, as he pointed out their embarrassing attempt at “gotcha journalism” when Brian Ross erroneously reported in a “BREAKING NEWS” story, that Michael Flynn was told by Donald Trump to talk to the Russian Ambassador during his campaign. Brian Ross was suspended for a month. President Trump suggested should be fired for his #fakenews reporting.

This week, it was NBC’s “Never-Trump” Megyn Kelly’s chance to exact revenge on President Trump, who after attacking him during his first debate, lost her conservative Fox News fanbase and basically saw her promising career come to a screeching halt. NBC picked up Kelly in a $23 million per year contract in a gamble that liberals would warm up to the formerly conservative host. NBC has since found out that conservatives no longer want anything to do with Kelly, and liberals despise her for her past performances as a top-rated host on conservative-leaning FOX News.

Twitter users were on fire after Megyn Kelly did her part to help tear down President Trump (again):

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Today, Megyn Kelly traipsed out  a trio of Donald Trump accusers on her failing show. Rest assured, there will be many more liberal accusers who come out against Donald Trump, as racism appears to have lost its glow, as a means to draw voters into the Democrat Party, as Americans have become tired of watching Democrats constantly drawing from the bottom of the deck, as a way to cloud Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda of a pro-growth economy, jobs, education, lower taxes, and America first.

Megyn Kelly, who is desperate for ratings, must have been incredibly disappointed when breaking news of a botched suicide bomber attack in New York City was reported at the same time her Democrat Donald Trump accuser was telling her story on her show.

Daily Mail– A trio of the president’s accusers reemerged on Monday to hound him for sexually harassing them.

Samantha Holvey, Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks had previously made allegations against Trump and appeared on Megyn Kelly ‘Today’ to demand justice as the White House resumed its claim that the issue had been litigated in last year’s election.

‘All of a sudden, he’s all over, me, kissing and groping and groping and kissing,’ said Leeds, a self-proclaimed Democrat, who says she revealed her story because ‘I wanted people to know what kind of a person that Trump really is…what a pervert he is.’

Leeds claims that Trump assaulted on a plane in the ’70s and called her a ‘c***’ when he ran into her some time later at a party in New York while he was still married to his first wife Ivana.

Megyn Kelly asked former Trump accuser Jessica Leeds what she wants other women to know about sexual harassment. Leeds replied, “We have a problem in that we have been enculturated all of this time for all of this time, for years and years and years, to be compliant.” Leeds went on to say, “For the woman who voted for Trump, they just didn’t want to vote for a woman”  It became reasonably difficult to believe a single work Leeds had to say when she used the word”enculturated” when referring to her alleged meeting with Donald Trump. It became impossible to believe a word she said when Leeds followed up her comment by exposing her bitter feelings towards women for not voting for Hillary.  The only thing missing from Leeds during her appearance on the Megyn Kelly show was her pussy hat and an “I’m a committed Democrat Feminist” tattoo on her forehead. 


Watch Crooks tell Megyn her alleged story here:

Watch the obvious excitment of Megyn Kelly to be able to pretend as though she’s relevant with a breaking news announcemnt with the official White House response to the allegations:

Accuser Rachel Crooks was asked last week, by CNN’s Allison Camerata what she would like to see happen to Donald Trump (watch video here), Crooks replied that she would love to see Congress look into his “sexual misconduct” and that “if that doesn’t happen” she’d like to see him be held accountable by voters in the next election. BINGO…

Daily Mail – The two other women said that Trump’s conduct while he was a businessman left them ‘shocked’ and ‘devastated’ and feeling ‘very gross’ and ‘very dirty.’

‘I was so uncomfortable, and a little, yeah, threatened, like I didn’t have a choice,’ Crooks on Monday said.

Kelly’s program was preempted in New York as an explosion went off in Manhattan. Her show aired in other parts of the country, however, including Washington.

Holvey, a former Miss USA contestant, said that Trump came backstage in 2006 and reviewed the women while they were indecent.

She recalled thinking at the time that it would be a meet and great with Trump. But it wasn’t.

The former Miss North Carolina says Trump was ‘just looking me over like I was just a piece of meat.’

‘I was not a human being. I did not have a brain I did not have a personality. I was just simply there for his pleasure. It left me feeling very gross, very dirty, like this is not what I signed up for.’

Here’s how Twitter responded to Megyn’s show:




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