It’s been a bit of a rough week for the guy who once wrote about a fantasy of plowing down young children with his car.

Robert Francis, or “Beto” as the hispter Dems like to call him, was blasted earlier this week for calling Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu a “racist” and telling his supporters that Netanyahu is an obstacle to peace in the Middle East. The Democrat presidential hopeful, who couldn’t win a Senate race in his home state after significantly outspending incumbent Senator Ted Cruz, appeared to be pandering for support from the pro-Palestine left with his anti-Netanyahu remarks.

The far-left Democrat presidential candidate appeared at a small gathering on the front yard of a residential home where he proposed the U.S. “allow” farmers to give up their “fair share” of crops to fight climate change.

Breitbart News reports – O’Rourke stood aloft as he proclaimed his message at a rally in Marshalltown, Iowa Friday:

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If we allow farmers to earn a profit in what they grow, if we allow them to contribute their fair share in combatting Climate Change by growing cover crops, allowing the technologies that invest in precision tilling and farming, capturing more of that carbon out of the air is another way in which they can make a profit. Keep those farms together, pass them on to the next generation, and allow them to provide us our food and national security, our independence from the rest of the world, our ability to provide for the rest of the world.

Watch, as Robert Francis craftfully frames his imaginary climate change fairytale by warning his followers of certain death if they don’t agree to sacrifice for the good of all mankind. Pay close attention to his remarks, as he speaks to residents in Iowa, America’s top corn producing state.

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You just can’t make this up…


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