Allison Kaden, a Pix11 reporter, who reports on news in New York City, posted a photo of a mannequin in Bloomingdales wearing a vintage “fake news” t-shirt and immediately became triggered.

Kaden admonished Bloomingdales in her tweet (and YES, the top-notch reporter misspelled “communities”).

Hey , this isn’t funny or fashionable. It further delegitimizes hard working journalists who bring REAL news to their communties.

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Ironically, the liberal reporter who was so offended by the “fake news” t-shirt makes it a habit of retweeting anti-Trump rhetoric over his refusal to buy into the fake man-made global warming scam.

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Kaden got destroyed for her tweet. This Twitter user posted an image of the fake news t-shirt photo with #VeryFakeNewsCNN Jim Acosta’s face pasted over the mannequin’s face.

Several reporters from non-mainstream media sources let Kaden know what they thought of her “delicate sensibilities.”

Washington Times writer Jessica Chasmar tells Allison Kaden: it’s your responsibility as a journalist to support free speech — even the kind that offends your delicate sensibilities. your tactics are shameful.

Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart News tweeted a reminder about who is actually publishing the fake news: What really isn’t funny is the fake news Allison Kaden and her demented, left-wing ilk perpetrate on a daily basis.

Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Should the New York City liberal reporter be telling Bloomingdales what they should or should not be allowed to sell in their stores?

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