Twitter CEO Elon Musk has sparked outrage among some celebrities who are throwing a fit because they have to pay an $8 monthly fee to maintain a blue check mark verification symbol on their Twitter account.

Before billionaire Musk bought Twitter, blue check marks were applied to user accounts to indicate that the account is verified and belongs to the person it appears to.

Typically, verified accounts included celebrities, journalists, athletes, and public figures.

Since taking over the social media platform, Musk has made blue verification check marks available to all Twitter users who pay an $8 monthly subscription fee and verify they are who they say they are.

On Thursday, blue check marks were removed from the accounts whose owners had not signed up for the subscription. The only accounts that are eligible for free verification are government accounts like President Joe Biden’s.

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Celebrities and public figures like Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have lost their check marks.

Somehow, the non-rich and famous Twitter users don’t seem to be having a problem with the new blue check mark process. It is the millionaire actors and public figures that are throwing tantrums over the lack of special treatment, expecting everyone to be on their side.

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Far-left actress Bette Midler lost her blue check verification and, instead of just paying $8, she lashed out at Musk, calling him a “worm” and acting as though it were so unfair she was being treated like a regular person.

Appalled by the lack of special treatment, Midler tweeted, “Elon took my blue check away! I’m unverified! After all these years and thousands of tweets and free content, this worm has the nerve to de-certify me!”

She then posted another unhinged rant, showing just how highly she thinks of herself.

“Elon, deciding that I’m not me, I’m a fake, & obliging ME, who has contributed mightily to your platform, (at least until you ‘tweaked the algorithm & tanked my metrics’) to pay monthly because you don’t have enough money & you’re humiliated b/c everyone thinks you’re a pathetic douche, is the funniest thing you’ve ever done. Let that sink in. Sorry to hear about your rocket.”

Midler was obliterated in the comments of her posts, with many making fun of how shocked she was that she was being treated the same as everyone else. Others asked if she needed them to lend her the $8 for a blue check mark.

Actress Alyssa Milano also complained on Twitter, taking a strong stance against paying for the blue check mark.

She tweeted, “So by revoking my blue check mark because I wouldn’t pay some arbitrary fee, someone can just be me and say a bunch of bullshit. Does that mean Twitter and [Elon Musk] are liable for defamation or identity theft or fraud?”

It seems like she could easily solve her concern about “identity theft” by paying $8 a month for a verification check mark.

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