Eric Spracklen, who goes by “That Trump Guy” on Twitter tweeted a video of President Trump and Melania stopping to talk to a special needs children on their way upstairs in Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.

In the video, President Trump and Melania can be walking towards the staircase when Donald Trump sees the children standing by the stairs and stops to engage with them and pose with for a photo with Melania, who can be seen smiling behind him.

Eric Spracklen tweeted that after being “suspended from Twitter,” it has him “missing incredible videos like this one! He also thanks President Trump in his tweet.

President Trump responded by retweeting his tweet.

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Two hours later, Eric Spracklen tweeted a video of a compassionate, caring Donald Trump, that according to him, was deleted from his Twitter feed by Twitter.

Spracklen added: We should share it again just to piss them off.

So, President Trump, who’s the ultimate troll, retweeted the video—just to piss them off.

Do you love how President Trump trolls the left on Twitter? Do you think he should scale back on his tweets, or do you think he’s doing exactly what he needs to be doing to dismantle and expose the left?

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