The View’s unhinged co-host Joy Behar, who is one step away from being committed to an institution, after suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome for well over a year, made an appearance on the fellow Trump-hater, Bill Maher’s “comedy” show. CNN political commentator Van Jones was also a guest on the Bill Maher show. Jones recently wrote a book about how if Democrats ever want to win another race, they need to find ways to reach common ground with Trump supporters.

Bill Maher started out his interview with Joy Behar by complimenting her because she’s one of the only Democrats to agree with him that Democrats are “too nice”.  When he asked Behar how she felt about Michelle Obama’s famous (and ridiculous) quotes at the DNC convention where she claimed that, “When they (Republicans) go low, we (Democrats) go high.” Behar then said, “No! When they go low…we should go lower.” She then looked out at Van Jones and called him out, “Van, listen, you’re the first perpetrator of this. He wants the kumbaya. F**k the kumbaya!”  These people on this side are crazy. Dont’ you understand? They’re crazy! And then, quite hilariously, Behar told Jones “You don’t deal with white supremacists!” And Behard does?


When Joy Behar told Jones to “F**k your kumbaya”, she was referring the CNN political commentator Van Jones’ recent appearance on ABC’s The View to discuss his new book. Joy Behar was barely able to contain herself when Jones talked about how leftist Democrats need to work to find common ground. Jones criticized fellow liberals for being “mad at every single person” who voted for President Donald Trump.

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