This is what happens when the race-obsessed Left is strictly motivated by emotion, with no regard for logic or common sense…

A black actor’s holiday photograph sparked a social media backlash over colorism – because some people thought a black woman with a dark complexion looked like she was being excluded from a group of lighter-skinned women.

Actor and model Lance Gross, who is best known for his role on the TBS sitcom Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, posted the holiday photo of himself and his wife Rebecca Jefferson and their seven friends to his Twitter.

Everyone in the image is paired up, except for one woman who is sitting off to the side with a look of disinterest on her face.

It sparked a fierce debate with some social media users quick to accuse Gross of colorism because the woman concerned is the only one without a partner, is on the fringes of the group and is darker skinned than the other women.

One commenter wrote: ‘This picture says white supremacy has won.’

Lance Gross and his wife, Rebecca (seen second from right) take a Christmas photo with friends. The image shows four couples and one woman conspicuously alone and off to the side

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But one of the people defending the photograph is the very same woman who is sitting off to the side without a partner.

Lance Gross tweeted this in response to the attackers on Twitter:

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He also posted this picture to prove his point on Instagram:


Gross was obviously fed up with all of the race obsessed haters when he posted this picture of the late rapper Tupac Shakur holding up his middle finger on his Instagram account, in response to their hate-filled comments on social media:


‘All I have to say about all this ignorant s*** at the moment,’

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