Democrats are in panic mode as they have hedged all their bets on voters buying their argument that Republicans are a threat to Democracy as a result of the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ rally.

Democratic activists and politicians have gone so far as to claim that voters concerned about inflation have fascist sympathies, comparing the 2022 midterm elections to Weimar Germany.

Polling and focus groups have shown that the only people who place preservation of ‘Democracy’ at the top of their priority list are Democratic partisans.

A columnist at the liberal Washington Post voiced concern that Democrats policy priorities are not resonating with American voters.

He noted that swing voters who are polled about the issue in focus groups believe that both Democrats and Republicans have excused political violence, with many saying that Democrats excused unrest resulting from Black Lives Matter protests after the death of George Floyd.


The Daily Caller Reports

When asked about the “MAGA threat” to democracy, swing voters responded by saying 2020 riots were comparable to the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol building, according to a Friday Washington Post column.

Greg Sargent, an opinion writer for the Post, claimed swing voters told Democratic strategist Celinda Lake that both the Republican and Democratic parties engaged in political violence and “manipulate democracy to their advantage,” in a Friday opinion piece. Many voters brought up the riots that followed the death of George Floyd in police custody in May 2020 that killed at least 24 people and caused nearly $1 billion in property damage.

Addressing crime is one of the central issues of the upcoming midterms, which Republican candidates have opportunely campaigned on to win votes. Democrats face a potential red wave, as a Rasmussen poll showed Republicans have a 5% lead on the generic ballot, while a Trafalgar poll gave Republicans a 6% lead.

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