America’s biggest loser, Hillary Clinton was seen in her first televised interview on “CBS Sunday Morning” with Jane Pauley since being pummeled by voters who overwhelmingly chose Donald J. Trump over her in the 2016 presidential election. Hillary, who isn’t capable of letting her hair down, attempted to pretend to be forthcoming about how she dealt with the embarrassing thumping she took at the polls in an election pollsters insisted she’d win.

In typical Hillary fashion, she blames her loss to Donald J. Trump on Russians and Americans who elected a ‘White Nationalist”, while never once accepting responsibility for her flawed character or the enormous amount of distrust Americans have for her and for her sexual predator husband and the slush fund (the Clinton Foundation) the two of them, along with their dishonest daughter, have been operating for years.

Watch Hillary tell Jane Pauley how she was so sure she was going to win the election, that she actually bought a house next to her and Bill’s Chappaqua mansion in New York to house her staff servants. She also explains how painful it was to watch Trump’s inauguration.


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