Newt Gingrich was promoting his new book “Understanding Trump” on The View today. The leftist hacks of the The View took advantage of his appearance to play “gotcha,” as they attempted to find ways to coerce a confession out of Newt that President Trump is a “liar.” Newt wasn’t falling for it however. While many of us would have preferred to see Gingrich take off the gloves with the hosts of The View, he chose instead to sit back and sling a few arrows on an “as needed” basis.

The not-funny comedian Joy Behar attempted to paint Trump as a serial “liar” and was surprised when Gingrich shot back with, “You mean like ‘you can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance’? You want to talk about lies by a president?” Behar responded by attempting to convince Gingrich that Barack Obama didn’t lie when he told one of his most famous lies to the American people, and that it was simply a “misjudgment” on his part.

Near the end of the interview, Whoopi Goldberg went through a list of questions she used to vet Gingrich and prove how credible he was based on his answers. When the subject of the popularity of President Trump came up in the discussion, Gingrich confessed that he was shocked at how well Trump was doing considering a recent Harvard study that showed 93% of the post-election coverage of President Trump was negative coverage. Whoopi appeared to be close to needing medical attention after Gingrich rightfully pointed out the disgusting lopsided negative coverage that President Trump’s received since he was elected. Since Goldberg had no honest rebuttal to offer, she made up a whopper of a lie, telling Gingrich and her viewers that prior to the election, 98% of candidate Trump’s media coverage was “positive” and went on to suggest that was the reason he won.

Sorry Whoopi…but here are the actual facts about the percentage of negative coverage Trump received from the mainstream media prior to the election:

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From the liberal Politico: A whopping 91 percent of news coverage about Donald Trump on the three broadcast nightly newscasts over the past 12 weeks has been ‘hostile’, a new study finds.

The study, conducted by the conservative Media Research Center, found that not only has Trump received significantly more broadcast network news coverage than his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, but nearly all of that coverage (91%) has been hostile, according to the study.

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Watch the interview here:

In addition, the networks spent far more airtime focusing on the personal controversies involving Trump, such as his treatment of women, than controversies surrounding Clinton, such as her email practices or the Clinton Foundation.

For the study, MRC analyzed all 588 evening news stories that either discussed or mentioned the presidential campaign on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from July 29 through October 20 (including weekends). Of the total newscasts, the networks devoted 29 percent of their time to the campaign. The study did not include comments from the campaigns or candidates themselves, instead focusing on what the correspondents, anchors, expert commentators, and voters on the street said in order to try and hone in on any sort of slant from the networks.

Though neither candidate was necessarily celebrated, Clinton largely just stayed out of the line of fire.

“Even when they were critical of Hillary Clinton — for concealing her pneumonia, for example, or mischaracterizing the FBI investigation of her e-mail server — network reporters always maintained a respectful tone in their coverage,” the study found. “This was not the case with Trump, who was slammed as embodying “the politics of fear,” or a “dangerous” and “vulgar” “misogynistic bully” who had insulted vast swaths of the American electorate.”

98% Of Pre-Election Trump Coverage Was “Positive”…Actual Percentage Of “Positive” Trump Coverage Is SHOCKING!

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