On Tuesday morning, Whoopi Goldberg, the former actress turned lead hag host of “The View,” put on a gaslighting clinic for her far-left audience as she attempted to convince them that the unedited January 6 surveillance videos Tucker Carlson obtained from the DOJ via Speaker McCarthy were untrue.

“Last night, Tucker Carlson told his viewers to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears,” Whoopi told her audience, suggesting that Tucker’s evidence-based evaluation of the Jan. 6 footage was false.

Whoopi’s fellow hag hosts circled the wagons, exhibiting their uncanny ability to feign outrage on cue over baseless or factless narratives created and pushed by their overlords at the DNC.

Egotistical co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in to tear down Carlson’s credibility, saying that “he is not a journalist, he is an entertainer.”

“Anyone that’s watching should know that this is just pure conjecture and entertainment,” Hostin added, seeming to forget that she and her fellow co-hosts are the queens of conjecture.

They are infamous for making baseless claims that they have to walk back after the public calls them out, and are purely on television to entertain bored liberals with their made-up facts and endless complaints.

Hostin then got up on her soap box and began pouring her heart out for the Capitol Police Officers. “Those officers are suffering terribly. Four people died,” she said, making it seem to her viewers that four officers died, which goes along with the liberals’ tireless attempts to convince the public that police officers were killed that day in the protests.

“How dare you Tucker Carlson,” continued Hostin. “It is beneath the dignity of any American to dismiss their experience.”

In reality, one Trump supporter was shot by Capitol Police, and a few other deaths occurred for unrelated reasons such as an overdose in the crowd of protestors.

No officers were killed in the line of duty that day.

While trying to convince everyone that Carlson was pushing a false narrative on his viewers, The View hags ended up doing just that to their own audience in an embarrassing display of ignorance.


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