The cranky Socialist senator and Democrat presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders (VT),  attempted to prove his youthful exuberance at the gym today during an interview with Vice News.

Elizabeth Landers of Vice News tweeted a photo of Sanders and his wife in the gym, as he geared up for his embarrassing performance. Landers tweeted, “A little behind the scenes for our @vicenews shoot: in the Muhammad Ali Center, @BernieSanders took a few jabs at the speed bag, joking to his staff that he may need to get one to get out ‘my damn aggression.’”

Biz Pac Review – Working with a speed bag for cameras, the 77-year-old socialist accidentally hit himself in the face and nearly knocked himself to the ground as he was trying to punch the speed bag. Making matters worse, Sanders tried to take a swing at the speed bag after getting hit in the face and he missed it entirely.

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Don Jr. tweeted the video from Bernie’s boxing match against himself. Trump Jr. mocked Bernie, saying: “This wouldn’t exactly strike fear in the minds of our adversaries. Imagine this guy sitting across the table negotiating with world leaders?”


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Conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams mocked Bernie in this hilarious video:

What do you think about Bernie Sanders embarrassing display? Did he make himself more appealing to his adoring high school and college followers, or did he simply look like a befuddled, old socialist?

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