The death toll in Buffalo, New York has risen to 39 after the deadliest winter storm in 50 years struck the area, bringing freezing temperatures and overwhelming snowfall. In addition to the already overwhelming issues the residents were enduring during the worst of the crisis, criminals were taking advantage of the power outages and impassable roadways by looting vulnerable stores.

Videos taken by residents showed looters entering stores and ransacking them, leaving with armfuls of stolen items. While it can be argued that some of these people might have needed emergency supplies to support their survival, some looters were seen stealing items like televisions that were purely taken for their own selfish benefit.

One man noted that these thieves weren’t stealing food or medicine from the stores they looted, saying, “So these people aren’t in distress – these are people that are taking advantage of a natural disaster and the suffering of many in our community to take what they want from retailers.”

One bold criminal even filmed herself on Facebook Live while she looted a store with a friend, overturning shelves and throwing products on the ground.

Despite all of these obvious crimes, one woman on TikTok tried to defend the looters by hurling racist insults at white people and making ridiculous excuses for the criminals, such as a TV is a “necessity.”


“The Q tip people [white people] are the last ones to ever talk about somebody stealing anything,” she said. “Y’all wouldn’t be in this country had it not been for y’all stealing it.”

“But y’all are more focused on people looting and trying to get necessities and things that they need. And yes the TV is a f***ing necessity thing,” she insisted.

The woman in the video then begins complaining that the city officials didn’t tell everyone to go home to avoid the storm soon enough and didn’t give them enough time to prepare.

However, there was plenty of reporting on the incoming storm and if people didn’t feel the need to heed the warnings and prepare ahead of time, that is their own fault. Any adult waiting around for their city leaders to tell them to prepare for a storm that everyone knows is coming is simply not very responsible or self-sufficient.

On top of that, you don’t go out and prepare for a major storm as it is already starting.

“Why you got everybody rushing home at noon when the f***ing, you know, storm is starting and now people are literally dying in their cars because they can’t see,” she complained, addressing the mayor.

“If you are a mayo monster [white person] that is how your ancestors got everything – from stealing,” the woman said, going back to defending the lowlife looters. “F*** capitalism. Steal everything that you need babe.”


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