In an effort to get guns off the streets, many major cities across America conduct “gun buyback” programs to incent “criminals” to turn in their guns. The goal of the gun buyback programs is to help reduce crime. One Baltimore woman is selling her gun back in an effort to reduce crime, but she’s not a criminal.

Not every gun owner, however, is interested in turning in their guns and never owning a gun again, especially when you live in high crime area like Baltimore, Maryland.

One woman, who has a lot of people talking, participated in Baltimore’s gun buyback program. Right before she sold her gun, “Darlene” was interviewed by the local FOX45 news station. It wasn’t the fact that Darlene was selling her gun that had people talking, it’s what she’s doing with the money she raised by selling her gun that has gun owners and pro-gun Americans cheering.

The local news station started their interview, “Darlene is turning in a gun.” Darlene explained that she was turning in her 9mm gun for cash. When they asked her what she was going to do with the money, they probably didn’t get the answer they expected.  Instead of doing some Christmas shopping, or paying bills, Darlene told them she was going to buy a bigger gun.

The news station exclaimed, “She’s hoping to buy a bigger weapon!” When they asked her what kind of bigger weapon she planned to buy, Darlene told them she hadn’t decided yet.

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The reporter for the local Fox45 news station posted a photo of Darlene with her gun and her decision to purchase a bigger gun. The comments below are perfect and reveal how much support our 2nd Amendment has from Americans.

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What a PERFECT use of the buyback program! Especially if the reimbursement is more than the value of a the gun being bought back. With today’s rampant crime, you need to make sure your guns are in perfect condition. Thanks for sharing.

I did the same thing!

This is funny. ????

hahaha…God bless that lady!!

Love it. If you ever see and speak with this woman again, can you please convey my sentiment to her: ‘Kudos…Awesome…You Go Girl…” Thanks.


God bless her. Gotta stay safe!

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