The media obsessively covered the temper tantrums of London’s anti-Trump, pro-refugees Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Kahn.

The antics of the far left were out there too. The baby balloon/blimp of President Trump wearing a diaper flying over London could be seen everywhere.

The media probably missed the videos of Trump supporters who anxiously awaited President Trump and First Lady Melania’s trip to Buckingham Palace. One Brit calls Trump flying over them, “amazing,” another Brit says, “Oh my gosh, it’s like so amazing! I can’t even believe that Donald Trump is actually here!” as he confesses that he didn’t use to like President Trump.

This BBC reporter shares a video of Trump supporters chanting for our President. His caption above the video, however, leads the reader to believe people were “booing” the President in the video. There is no evidence in this video of a “mixture” of the crowd “booing” President Trump. Only cheers of  “Trump, Trump, Trump!” can be heard.

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A video* circulated yesterday, showing a large crowd enthusiastic Brits showing their support for President Trump in a very visible way. The video is actually from 2018, but none-the-less shows the massive amount of support for President Trump from our friends across the pond.

Over the chants of “We love Trump! We love Trump!” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s image was projected on a large screen in Trafalgar Square, as his voice boomed on a microphone. Corbyn joined the enthusiastic, pro-President Trump crowd, to send a clear message to President Trump, “The great deplorables of the United Kingdom love you, we are with you, we stand with you, and we want you to succeed. Forget about the establishment. Forget about the detractors and the fake news media.


If Barack Obama was met with a huge black baby in a diaper flying over London, would it be trending at the top of the news feed on Twitter?

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