The mosque in Finsbury Park, London where this morning’s tragedy unfolded has been the centre of media attention before. It opened back in the late 80s, as the Muslim population in the area began to grow. Since then it’s been one of the biggest prayer halls in Britain. However in the 90s the Mosque was accused of radicalism and its preachers linked to Al-Qaeda.

Why was this Mosque allowed to go on with radical teachings after people like the shoe bomber were connected to it. It’s time for the politically correct residents of towns like this to call out these Mosques. Notice that Muslims just moved to another Mosque instead of making an effort to oust the radicals within the Mosque.

According to BBC, “Finsbury Park Mosque has long been synonymous with the worst fears about Islamist extremism in Britain. The mosque’s new leadership have been struggling to reclaim it for the local community – but that struggle raises questions about who runs mosques in Britain.”

“The Finsbury Park Mosque opened in 1988. And with one of the then biggest prayer halls in Britain, many Muslims regarded it as a major milestone,” BBC wrote. “But by the late 1990s, amid the growth of radical Islamism, it had become a meeting place for extreme voices, including that of Abu Hamza.”

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The mosque was visited by “Kamel Bourgass, an Algerian man jailed for the murder of a policeman and an alleged ricin poison plot,” BBC reported.

According to the Telegraph, “The Finsbury Park mosque was long known to have served as a clearing house for radical Muslims after Hamza arrived as imam in 1997. His hate-filled rants inspired attendees such as Richard Reid (SEE BELOW), the failed “shoe bomber”, Zacarias Moussaoui, one of the 9/11 terror plotters, and Mohammed Sidique Khan, one of the four suicide bombers who blew themselves up on public transport in London on July 7, 2005.”

Remember this guy?

He came from this Mosque!

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