Just another day in the holy month of Ramadan…

London is the scene of carnage again with another terror attack. A van plowed into pedestrians on London Bridge with reports of men jumping out of the van to stab random people. We’re posting details as they come in from the UK. Several people have been killed and the latest update is that 5 armed terrorists are on the run in London.

Meanwhile, a video has been posted on social media showing what appears to be Muslim men who have just witnessed  the London Bridge terror attack and are simply observers of a horrific terror attack against innocent people. You can hear them speaking in Arabic and saying something about 3 attacks, after which time you can hear one of them yell, “Allah Akbar!”

It’s interesting to hear how the Muslim men in the vehicle respond to the murder of innocent people at the hands of Islamic “extremists”. After watching this video, one has to wonder how exactly, we should go about differentiating between the “moderate” and “extremist” Muslims…

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