Filmmaker Jamie Roberts spent two years following a small but vocal band of Islamists who, being completely divorced from reality, want to see strict Sharia Law imposed in the UK, and ultimately the world. One of the London Bridge attackers appeared alongside two notorious Islamist preachers in the TV documentary. He was filmed at extremist events alongside Mohammed Shamsuddin, who has publicly hailed his support for Islamic State.
Shamsuddin, who has claimed state benefits since he was 18, has also called for Sharia law in the UK and made chilling warnings about a ‘backlash’ by British Muslims.He was also pictured with Abu Haleema, who was accused of radicalizing a British schoolboy who was convicted over a plot to behead police officers during an Anzac Day parade in Australia. The 9:20 mark is where the London Bridge terrorist appears in a long beige robe:

If you think this isn’t happening in America, think again!

This terrorist was being “monitored”…There are over 3,000 Muslims being “Monitored” in the UK. What good is monitoring if the terrorists are able to carry out attacks. Why not deport anyone who is on the list? Why not protect your citizens against any possible terrorist?

The entire documentary is worth the watch…pretty shocking.

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Via: Daily Mail

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