With news of the Chinese Olympics all over the media, Xi and Putin met in a summit on Feb. 4, 2022. This meeting produced an “unprecedented 5400-word joint statement” that has “consolidated their alliance against the United States.” We, it seems, have entered a new Cold War, while we were waiting for the sporting events to start.

What else could we expect? The strength of the United States has been gravely eroded by the pathetic actions of the feckless coup in Washington, DC. America is no longer a threat but has become a weak sister on the international stage, a veritable laughingstock, who has the respect of few around the world. This puts us and our freedoms in direct danger of destruction, from the outside as well as the inside. The Russia/China alliance has been being built over the last decade but was severely interrupted by the strong leadership of Donald Trump from 2017 – 2020. As soon as the CCP got Joe Biden installed behind the barbed wire in DC, they knew they would be free to dominate the world.

Chinese media is gushing about a “new era in international relations NOT defined by the U.S.” (Global Times) It is being regarded as “a scathing rejection of the US-led Western hegemony that increasingly threatens global security and stability.” ”Certain states’ attempts to impose their own ‘democratic standards’ on other countries…to draw dividing lines on the grounds of ideology…prove to be nothing but the flouting of democracy” Russia and China believe that this undermines the stability of the world order. THEIRS.

The goals of this Communist alliance are broad but direct.
Their alliance is based on the heavy-fisted use of totalitarian control, rather than western democracy, which has been redefined as the enemy of civilization. Russia has basically handed China the right to attack Taiwan, and China has told Russia they may go ahead and attack Ukraine. They state that they will “cooperate to oppose ‘democratic’ revolutions and may even cooperate to reorder the balance of power in Europe in Russia’s favor.”

“Any defense initiative by the US and the West is a threat to China and Russia”, as defined by this agreement. They urge the West to “eliminate the unrestricted development of global ABM systems”. The agreement is silent to the joint actions of Russia and China to bolster their own militaries and nuclear arsenals, or to secure “Low Earth Orbit and the Moon” for their control. Of course.

In the words of Richard Fischer writing for Geostrategy-Direct, “the Feb. 4, China-Russia Summit and statement marks the formal emergence of an alliance-level of cooperation between two dictatorships, explicitly aimed at destroying the power of the United States and other democracies… like Taiwan and Ukraine which threaten the power of the CCP and the Putin dictatorship.”

The gravity of this situation cannot be overemphasized. The uncontested, stolen US election in Nov. 2020 has allowed China to set up a beachhead in our nation’s capital while making official the cooperation between the world’s two largest Communist countries. Donald J. Trump, like him or not, was the one President of the United States who demanded the respect of both Russia and China. Neither were destined to become our allies over the long haul, but both were backing down from aggressive stances while he was in office. Putin and Xi both respected Trump’s willingness and courage to stand up to them. Strong men respect strong men. This is why, of course, the CCP needed Trump out, and the installation of a failing puppet at the helm of our ship of state.

Globalists have been working for centuries to bring the United States to this point. They are salivating at our demise.

We, in our communities across this nation, are the last chance to save our republic. Acting locally, we can and MUST reverse the willful ignorance and criminal activity in our governments, county, state, and federal. WE MUST ELECT THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES TO OFFICE AROUND THE COUNTRY.

The first step is securing our ballots for the upcoming Nov. 2022 election. This can only be done by people working together in local groups where they have the most power and influence. If we do not, if we stand idly by once again, we will play right into the new China/Russia alliance and hand those espousing our death and destruction the green light to proceed.

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