Jedediah Bila is at most, a lukewarm conservative. She’s a hardcore Trump hater, so the show gave her a little leeway when it came to expressing her lukewarm conservative views. Apparently, no one gave her permission, however, to ask Hillary Clinton to accept some responsibility for her loss during a taped segment last week.

When Hillary agreed to appear on The View to hawk her new book, “What Happened” that explains why everyone else is to blame after was clobbered in the 2016 presidential election by Donald J. Trump, she certainly didn’t expect to be challenged by the token conservative, who clearly hates President Trump. In other words, Hillary and likely the entire panel of dingbats on The View believed she was entering a “safe space”, but that didn’t turn out to be the case, as Bila zinged her with an unexpected question, that forced Hillary to scramble for an acceptable answer to her question. Of course, Hillary’s answer had nothing whatsoever to do with the question Bila asked her, as Hillary hilariously attempted to blame the media for her loss. The 5:30 point is where Bila crosses Hillary…

Not surprisingly only one week after Bila’s question of Hillary, the token conservative host finds herself in the unemployment line, while Meghan McCain, the daughter of one of the worst RINO’s in the Senate will be taking Bila’s spot, as the lukewarm conservative on the panel of hosts with the dingbats of The View.

Meghan McCain told liberal rag PEOPLE magazine that she shed tears when Donald Trump officially won the GOP nomination for president at the Republican convention.

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For anyone who thinks Bila expected to be exiting The View, a quick look at a couple of her most recent posts on Facebook show that she was gearing up for the next season with the dingbats at The View:

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Only 5 days ago, Bila posted about hoping that Hillary would come back to discuss the issues with her:

Most of her questions were softball questions and she spent a great deal of time trashing our president, but something happened lately, as Jedediah seemed to be actually defending her conservative principles. She recently challenged the racist, Trump-hating CA Congresswoman, Maxine Waters and her over-the-top rhetoric about our sitting President. The hyena’s on the panel and the clapping seals in the audience would have nothing to do with an opinion that is contrary to anything other than the hard left. Why Bila put up with those dingbats for so many seasons is a mystery to many who watched. Apparently hating Donald Trump is enough to land a semi-talented female a coveted seat at The View’s leftist propaganda table.


Maybe it was just the Clinton interview that ended her career, or maybe it was a combination of the Waters and then Clinton interviews, either way, The View can sit back and rest easy, as Meghan McCain doesn’t have a conservative bone in her body, and the “Goebbels Sisters” can now carry on, uninterrupted with their disinformation campaign about President Trump and about the American people who support him.

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