Besides Making America Great Again, Donald J. Trump has done what no other President of the United States has been able to do before him. Like cockroaches who scatter when the lights are turned on, Trump has shined the light on the Left and forced them to reveal the hatred and intolerance they have for anyone who doesn’t think like them.

While President Trump has fulfilled one of his most important campaign promises of bringing “Merry Christmas” back to the Christmas holiday, leftists like former comedian Kathy Griffin use the celebration of Christ’s birth to capitalize on hate, selling “Christmas” decorations with the words “F*ck Trump” printed on them. While many on the left felt sorry for Griffin after she lost her career and livelihood, for a horrible decision to hold a decapitated and bloody head of President Trump up for the cameras during one of her “comedy” stunts, is this really how any decent person who used to be considered a “celebrity” makes a living now?

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Meanwhile…just when you think the unhinged former comedian can’t go any lower, she outdoes herself (again) on Twitter when she suggests sending a convicted murderer to the home of  the brilliant Harvard legal professor, Alan Dershowitz, who is also an admitted liberal, for daring to defend President Trump against the Mueller witch hunt.

Today, after a Wall Stree Journal article that was written by Alan Dershowitz in defense of President Trump, was published, Kathy Griffin tweeted a link to the article, telling Dershowitz: “Trump can respond from prison @AlanDersh. Hopefully you’ll be there with him after you’re convicted for statutory rape.”

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In what was seen as very uncharacteristic of Dershowitz by many, the liberal lawyer shot back at Griffin, calling her a bigot.

Griffin, who of course, calls anyone who associates with Trump a “bigot” or a “racist”, was aghast that Dershowitz would dare to level such an accusation against a card-carrying member of the far-left. The only defense she could come up with was attacking him for defending billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who has been accused of pedophilia.

To which Dershowitz responded: “You’re not only a bigot. You have no understanding of the constitutional right to counsel. I didn’t represent Epstein in his settlement, only in his criminal case. I’m proud to have done so & will continue to represent even the most despised accused, as the constitution mandates.”

Griffin probably forgot that the husband of her beloved presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, took several trips with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to “pedophile island’, where he even allegedly ditched his secret service detail while having a little fun on the island. But we digress…after all, Griffin’s accusation was about Dershowitz’s defense of an accused pedophile.

When all else had seemingly failed, Griffin finally resorted to the latest tool in the left’s toolbox against Trump or any of Trump’s supporters, real or imagined–-a death threat.

Do not make me send Claus von Bülow over. Because you know I will. Now get back to your so-called job you fucking hack.

(Claus von Bülow was convicted in 1979 of trying to murder his wife, Sunny von Bülow.) It’s unclear how far Griffin intended to take her threat, but given her mental state, if I were Dershowitz, I would take her seriously.

Many on Twitter were shocked by the threat: Eugenia Mary Donovan asked:

@kathygriffin hmmm are you threatening someone again Kathy?
That certainly reads like a threat to me..
Don’t bother deleting it I have a screenshot of it!

Andrea Humphrey asked:

What is with you liberals and death threats against people… especially you so-called Hollywood elites… oh sorry its you kathy… you were not Hollywood elite

And then in one final act of ignorance, the mental midget and former comedian tweeted her response to Dershowitz’s well-reasoned explanation of why he called her a bigot.

Check out the big brain on Alan….

Last year, after posing with a bloodied, severed head of President Trump, the former comedian got a visit from Secret Service.

Kathy Griffin’s career ending photo shoot.

How many death threats can one person make before law enforcement takes them seriously? How many death threats will she be allowed to make on Twitter before the social media platform removes her account, as they’ve done for so many terror-related accounts who also made death threats on their platform?


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