Sure! The loony left at the New York Times wants you to believe a boy can have a period. Well, we’re actually supposed to go along with a confused girl who goes back and forth on which gender she wants to be. It’s the latest craze to follow the line of thinking that genders can blend…You know, like boys can have a period….Riiiight…

As part of the larger War on Sanity, the campaign to convince us that men can have periods despite not having uteruses is advanced through both the advertising industry and the mainstream media. The New York Times tells the tale of a high school student named Autumn Jackson:

He was in sixth grade when he realized he was meant to be a boy, he said, and came out to the school last year in ninth grade, sending emails to teachers. When he entered Green Mountain in seventh grade, “I was using the female bathroom because, I really don’t know, I was still kind of back and forth about my identity,” Mr. Jackson said. “This year is the year I started using the men’s bathroom, because I already felt like way more comfortable in who I was.”

There were practical issues. When he had his period, he wondered if he should revert to the girls’ bathroom, because there was no place to throw away his used tampons. But he had started feeling like an intruder in the girls’ bathroom, and the single bathrooms were so far out of the way it was hard to get to class on time.

“Mr. Jackson” is of course a girl. That’s why she has periods, unlike boys.

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The editorial board of the New York Times should join Autumn in a mental institution until they learn to distinguish their grotesque fantasy world from objective reality. But under rule by moonbats, the sane people are more likely to be incarcerated.

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