The management of a Family Dollar Store told Wilmington, North Carolina police officers to stand down as looters emptied out the store. Comments on the local news twitter feed were overwhelmingly negative that nothing was done to stop the looting.

“Why the Hell are the faces of the lowlife thugs blurred out? How can store management order the Police to ‘stand down’? It’s an obvious looting crime. I hope that stores insurance company denies any and all claims.”

WPD: “We are aware of the looting occurring at the Family Dollar Store at 13th & Greenfield Sts, unfortunately management has asked not to intervene at this time.”

Even though there is a housing project across the street from the store, people could be seen piling items into cars.

Tropical Storm Florence hit the coastal town of North and South Carolina bringing flooding and damage. Looters took advantage of the circumstances by looting the store:

The Wilmington Police Department extended the curfew for all residents who live in the area.

A local news photo from the aftermath of the looting…



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