Lou Dobbs is on a mission to expose all of the Deep State operatives, so it’s no surprise that he came out tonight to blast AG Bill Barr for speaking against President Trump.

Dobbs spoke with Rep. Devin Nunes recently, who knows the ins and outs of the bad actors in the DOJ. Then there’s Tom Fitton, who has singlehandedly done the work to uncover so much corruption in D.C. and continues to dig for more. He’s amazing. Between Nunes and Fitton, Dobbs may have put all of the pieces of the puzzles of corruption together and has a clue about who’s on what team…Is AG Barr playing for the Deep State?

Coincidentally, Dobbs tweeted out a “must-read” piece of the puzzle about an hour ago:

The Conservative Treehouse is doing great work exposing corruption at the DOJ and FBI.

Tom Fitton weighed in on the Roger Stone case:

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